Tuesday, July 1, 2014

News articles and links from July 1, 2014

Water Bond 

From: Staff, San Diego Union Tribune

State lawmakers are deep into what hopefully are final negotiations for a major bond issue asking voters to provide billions for critical water projects throughout this drought-plagued state. As always in water matters, San Diego County has much at stake. The region's legislative delegation must continue to present a united front and to play an aggressive role to assure the region is not shortchanged.

From: Staff, KERO 23

Kern County water officials are working on an ambitious plan to move water uphill. The plan will use the California Aqueduct to move water 47 miles north to farms that need it.

In an effort to keep their crops alive in this record-breaking drought, a group of growers will pay up to $9 million to have water flow up the California Aqueduct.

From: Staff, Stockton Record

Stockton can continue to pump water from the Delta this summer, ensuring that its new $220-million drinking-water plant -- funded by ratepayers -- won't be standing idle.

The city was one of thousands of junior water-right holders in the Central Valley ordered to stop diverting water in recent weeks because of the drought. That water needed to remain in the rivers for those with older, more senior rights, the State Water Resources Control Board said.

Water Supply

From: Rob Parsons, Merced Sun Star

Millions of dollars and thousands of gallons of irrigation water are potentially at stake in a civil trial that opened Monday involving several prominent Merced County farmers and the Merced Irrigation District.

The lawsuit, filed by Michael Gallo, owner of the Gallo Cattle Co., seeks at least several million dollars in damages and access to MID water for his Livingston-based farm, Bear Creek Ranch. The specific amount of damages sought by Gallo could not be confirmed Monday. The complex trial is scheduled to end by July 25.

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