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Water supply

By Kate Poole
From NRDC - Sunday, Nov. 18, 2012

Coalition response...There was no over-allocation of water when CVPIA was adopted. Water delivered to both farmers and municipalities from the CVP was used to grow crops and provide a water supply to people and businesses. CVPIA took a portion of that water and redirected it to environmental purposes. The characterization of this water as "over-allocated CVP contract amounts" is simply wrong.

The author also references "9.5 million acre-feet" of delivered water as if it is an every year event. This is a false premise. From 2007 through 2011, only 3.3 million acre-feet were delivered to farmers with another 373,000 acre-feet going to municipal use. The priority use of this water directs that it be delivered first to municipalities, wildlife refuges and environmental purposes before farmers receive their share.

Comparing the cost of water between the City of Los Angeles and farmers in the San Joaquin Valley is a feeble attempt to portray farmers as not paying their share. Farmers pay the cost of delivering their water and the full operation and maintenance costs to keep the CVP in operation. Southern California water users also pay their share of delivery but they encounter additional costs, such the need to pump the water over the Tehachapi Mountains, treat the water for human consumption and maintain a pressurized system that keeps water flowing when their residents turn on their faucets. It is important to note that water flowing to Southern California is from the California State Water Project and not the federal Central Valley Project.

It is unfortunate that articles such as this blog do not present all of the facts.


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