Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Interview with Liz Hudson of Hudson Family Farms

As August comes to an end so does Peach Month. This doesn’t mean the end of peaches though! Peach lovers should be able to find this delicious fruit for at least another month. 

We thought we would interview one of our favorite California peach farmers, Liz Hudson from Hudson Family Farms, to get some insight into what peach farming is all about. Liz runs a fruit stand along the Fresno County Fruit Trail so if you are in the area be sure to stop by and pick up some fresh peaches!

Liz Hudson talking to a group of visitors at her fruit stand
1. How did you get into peach farming?

Married into it! I grew up farming, but my family farmed grapes. My husband is the peach farmer. I just do the bookwork part of it!

2. What is the most challenging part of your job?

Hudson Family Farms also grows delicious nectarines!
With any labor-intensive crop, like peaches, having an adequate reliable supply of employees to help harvest the fruit is always a challenge in California. Likewise, water availability is always an issue. Although we usually have an adequate surface water supply, this year is an exception. The low snow pack in the Sierras resulted in no surface water for us this summer. We are pumping from the groundwater aquifer, which we will hope to replace with a strong snow pack this winter, God willing!

3. What is one of your favorite aspects of peach farming?

Seeing our fruit stand customers enjoying the peaches. I must say the spring bloom is a beautiful time of the year in the orchard, too!

Spring bloom on peach trees
4. Can you explain what a day in the life of a peach farmer looks like?

There is no typical day in the life of any farmer! You never know what to expect!

5. What is your favorite type of peach?

Fairtime, which comes off in late-Aug-early Sept. It is an amazing freestone peach that has an old-fashioned taste and is great for eating, jamming, freezing, etc.

Some of Liz's beautiful peaches
A special thanks to Liz for taking the time to do this interview- we really appreciate it!

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