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News articles and links from August 29, 2013

August 29, 2013

Bay Delta Conservation Plan

Changes to Delta Plan
From: Patterson Irrigator Staff, Patterson Irrigator

The State Office of Administrative Law (OAL) has approved 14 regulations to help implement the Delta Plan on Sept. 1 this year, according to a news release from the Delta Stewardship Council. The Council adopted the Delta Plan on May 16, and submitted the rules for review shortly after for public consideration.

Coalition response...

Supervisor Jim DeMartini needs to look a little closer at the benefits of the planned tunnels associated with the Bay Delta Conservation Plan. His own supervisorial district is one of the hardest hit areas suffering from an 80 percent water supply cut this year and possibly a zero percent allocation next year. Farmers can’t grow crops without a reliable supply of water and they can’t hire employees or buy goods and services they use in their farming operations.

The tunnels would improve water supply reliability to almost 4,000 farms from Patterson to Bakersfield as well as two-thirds of California’s residents. It is a comprehensive plan that will create 110,000 new jobs, protect over a million jobs during the 50-year life of the permit and generate $84 billion in statewide economic activity. The project provides significant economic benefits to farms and businesses in the Patterson area and throughout California and deserves fair consideration from our elected leaders.  

Bay Delta Conservation Plan

Water, the Delta and prosperity
From: Jerry Meral, Manteca Bulletin 

The latest comprehensive economic analysis of the governor's plan for fixing the state's aging water system and restoring the environmental health of the Delta estimates that the project will yield roughly $5 billion in net benefits for California residents and preserve more than a million additional jobs over the next 50 years.

Many of those jobs will be in San Joaquin County and the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.


Growers aim to protect groundwater
From: D.L. Taylor, The Californian 

A Tuesday night presentation on one of the three key desalination projects moving forward on the Monterey Peninsula highlights what all the proposals' proponents understand: They must pass muster with agriculture concerns in the Salinas Valley.

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