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News articles and links from September 25, 2013

Bay Delta Conservation Plan

From: Michael Hiltzik, LA Times  

The Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta is one of the most biologically diverse and ecologically sensitive areas in the country and the source of 30% of Southern California's water. It's also broken.

Those may be the only facts about the delta on which everybody agrees.

Coalition response...Farmers use water to grow food and fiber to meet the demands of consumers. By allowing consumer choices to direct growers' crop selection, optimal allocation of resources is obtained. Meeting these demands in an environmentally-friendly way drives California's farmers to seek innovation both in their growing and their business practices.

One of those resources, water, continues to be a controversial issue throughout our state and local and statewide efforts have been developed to provide needed answers. Local actions that are guided at the local level have developed new water sources by multiple means, including conservation and construction of dams. Statewide efforts have established water supplies that benefit all Californians. California water users are currently working on ways to reduce their dependence on water that flows through the Delta.

The author's suggestion of "statewide, or even region wide, solution to the problem of limited water supply and burgeoning demand" is already underway.

Water Bond 

From: Pamela Martineau, ACWA  

The authors of two bills addressing the 2014 water bond outlined their proposals Tuesday during an informational joint hearing of the Senate Environmental Quality Committee and the Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee.

From: Maven, Maven's Notebook

A joint hearing of the Senate Environmental Quality and Natural Resources and Water Committees heard presentations and comments this morning on two water bond proposals, including Senator Lois Wolk's Senate Bill 42, The Safe Drinking Water, Water Quality & Flood Protection Act of 2014.

From: Ben Adler, Capital Public Radio

California lawmakers are taking a closer look at two new water bond proposals that would replace the measure currently set for next November's ballot.

Bay Delta Conservation Plan

From: Bettina Boxall, LA Times

The state will miss a self-imposed deadline for the release of a mountain of environmental documents for the proposed construction of a massive water tunnel system in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

In a Sept. 20 letter, California Natural Resources Secretary John Laird informed the U.S. Interior Department that the draft environmental review of the tunnel project would not be formally released until Nov. 15 -- six weeks later than the deadline set this year by Gov. Jerry Brown's administration.


From: NRCS Press Release, Sacramento Bee  

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Chief Jason Weller toured local farmland today that is benefiting from a federal partnership between NRCS and the U.S. Department of Interior Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) to protect the Bay-Delta Watershed. Approximately $6 million was invested by the two agencies, from 2011 - 2013, to upgrade irrigation water delivery infrastructure and on-farm irrigation equipment to conserve water for San Luis Canal Company farmers.

"Water is the lifeblood of agriculture and the environment," said Cannon Michael, a local farmer. "Farmers have a duty to be good stewards of our resources and conservation is a key element of good stewardship.  Improved water use efficiency and reduced runoff benefits farmers and the environment.  Our partnership with NRCS has yielded very positive results and their programs encourage conservation on a large scale."


From: Coachella Valley Water District

The workshopo will feature a panel discussion of state leaders and experts on the BDCP, including:

Dr. Jerry Meral, Deputy Secretary, California Natural Resources Agency
Brian Thomas, Managing Director, The PFM Group
Richard Atwater, Executive Director, Southern California Water Committee 

From: Southern California Water Committee  

SCWC will host its 29th Annual Dinner October 24 - be sure to register today & join us for a lively discussion about the 2014 Water Bond.

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