Friday, September 6, 2013

News articles and links from September 6, 2013

Water Supply

From: Antoine abou-Diwan, Imperial Valley Press

The Imperial Irrigation District held a public meeting Wednesday to discuss water conservation measures with the people they impact the most - Imperial Valley farmers.

Although the IID holds senior water rights to Colorado River water, it is under heavy scrutiny by regulators and other water agencies as it repays past water overruns and fulfills its water transfer obligations.

Water Bond 

From: Editorial Staff, Merced Sun-Star
From: Editorial Staff, Fresno Bee
From: Editorial Staff, Modesto Bee

(This editorial was printed previously in the Sacramento Bee.)
With dry conditions igniting fires statewide and reservoirs dropping ever lower, state lawmakers should be thinking about water. The good thing - they are. They are thinking about a 2014 water bond.

Colorado River 

From: Antoine Abou-Diwan, Imperial Valley Press

The way that Imperial Irrigation District uses its entitlement of Colorado River water is being scrutinized once again.

A letter from Southern Nevada Water Authority to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service questions whether the IID's delivery of water to the Sonny Bono Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge is permissible under federal law.

Water Districts 

From: Staff, Merced Sun-Star

The Merced Irrigation District announced Thursday it will continue sponsoring solar energy research at UC Merced for the third year in a row.

Bay Delta Conservation Plan

From: Alex Breitler, Stockton Record

Normally content to boast about their favorite birds or gaze at them through binoculars, members of the Lodi Sandhill Crane Association suddenly find themselves immersed in a fierce controversy over state water policy.

The association's board voted last week to oppose the new alignment of the governor's proposed twin tunnels, which would now run beneath Staten Island, a key wintering home for 15 percent of the Central Valley's migratory cranes, a threatened species in California.

From: Anne Marie Fuller, Tracy Press

As I write this week's column about the Delta water tunnels, I can almost hear the television theme song of "Bonanza" playing in the distance. Is this a simple issue of water rights...or could it be something else?

The plan proposed by California Governor Jerry Brown calls for two massive tunnels to be built below the Sacramento - San Joaquin Delta that would take water from the Sacramento River and transport it down south. This project would impact the existing highways in the area, which would need to be reconfigured to accommodate the tunnels. Cost for this program is estimated to run in the billions.


From: Alex Breitler, eSanJoaquin

San Joaquin County Supervisor Larry Ruhstaller said at a meeting this week that in October he will join the Delta Stewardship Council, an entity which a number of organizations including the city of Stockton just happen to be suing right now.

Ruhstaller will replace Sacramento County Supervisor Don Nottoli on the council, which recently finished a controversial 100-year plan for the Delta - a plan that may ultimately include the governor's proposed twin tunnels.


From: Staff, Sierra Sun Times

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) is sponsoring events throughout the fall in preparation for the possibility that water year 2014 could be a third consecutive dry year. Preparing for the potential of continued dry conditions is also the focus of a joint California State Board of Food and Agriculture - California Water Commission meeting next week.

From: Staff, KTXL-40 TV

The California Department of Water Resources is asking the public to prepare for a possibly dry 2014, which could be the third dry year in a row.

State officials say 2012 was the 25th-driest year on record and even though 2013 started off with more rain than usual, it eventually dried out.

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