Thursday, October 10, 2013

News articles and links from October 10, 2013

Bay Delta Conservation Plan  

From: Terry Erlewine,

Re "Delta plan makes economic sense only without the tunnels" (Viewpoints, Forum, Oct. 6): Jeffrey Michael thinks he has discovered the solution for the Delta by dramatically reducing water supplies to water agencies, upgrading levees and using existing pumping systems for the State Water Project/Central Valley Project.

From: Southern California Water Committee, Valley Industry and Commerce Association

The Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta east of San Francisco Bay is so far from Southern California that most of our residents probably don't know where it is or why it matters.  Simply put, water that originates in the Sierra Nevada Mountains moves through the Delta providing drinking water for as many as 25 million California residents, including many in Southern California.

Water Supply

From: Amy Quinton, Capitol Public Radio

Before I set out to do this story, I'd only been to the Delta a few times. And when I had, it was just a scenic drive from Sacramento down Highway 160, which parallels the Sacramento River. Turns out, that's not the ideal way to get to know the Delta.


From: A. Fisher, G. Fogg, J. Viers, J. Lund, R. Langridge & P. Holden, California WaterBlog  

For all the talk of climate change adaptation, California has yet to comprehensively address the effects of warmer temperatures and changing weather patterns on the state's limited groundwater resources.

To start the process, several of the leading University of California faculty and researchers on California groundwater recently met with staff of the Governor's Office of Planning & Research. We identified some key concerns and the information and actions needed to address them.


From: Antoine Abou-Diwan, Imperial Valley Press  

An El Centro farmer's lawsuit to stop the implementation of the Imperial Irrigation District's water apportionment plan has been halted.

Under the terms of the stipulation, IID will transfer to Mike Abatti the remainder of his 3.7 acre-foot allocation before transferring an additional 5,000 acre-feet of water in October from the district's Agricultural Water Clearinghouse. Abatti will be allowed to distribute water he receives from the clearinghouse among the fields in his farm unit. Abatti will allow the district to fill out the necessary paperwork to enroll his business in the Equitable Distribution Plan and to identify his farm unit.


From: David Bienick, KCRA  

Don't get too excited about the first flakes of snow covering California's mountain tops, state officials said Wednesday.

California still has a long way to go to recover from two years of relatively dry winters, and avoiding an official statewide drought will not be easy.

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