Thursday, December 1, 2011

News stories from Thursday, Dec. 1, 2011


Water grab, part II


By Burt Wilson

From Sacramento News & Review - Thursday, Dec. 1, 2011

Coalition response...The rhetoric offered by this author does nothing to resolve the water issues confronting California. He would halt or severely curtail water deliveries to a significant portion of our state that relies upon that water for a reliable drinking supply that serves 25 million Californians and is also used to produce a healthy and safe food supply. The author's view is that delivery of the water that flows through the Delta to these uses would devastate the Delta. Yet, that is what both the BDCP and Delta Stewardship Council are working toward preventing. All California water users will lose if efforts by these two groups do not move forward.


Wanger/Westlands questions arise


From Fresno Bee - Thursday, Dec. 1, 2011

From Sacramento Bee - Thursday, Dec. 1, 2011

Delta science in a post-Wanger world


By Jeffrey Mount

From California Water Blog - Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2011


Putting water wars at rest...and all Californians win!


By Billie Greer, President of Southern California Leadership Council

From Fox and Hounds - Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2011


New Delta Stewarship Council detailed Power Point online for review


From Aquafornia - Thursday, Dec. 1, 2011

Reclamation to close the Delta Cross Channel Gates

Press release

From USBR - Thursday, Dec. 1, 2011

Transparency & compromise critical to success of Bay Delta Conservation Plan

Press release

From SCWC - Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2011

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