Friday, June 21, 2013

News articles and links from June 21, 2013

Bay Delta Conservation Plan 

From: Mark Grossi, Fresno Beehive Blog

I listened to the state's top water leader talk for an hour Thursday about the Bay Delta Conservation Plan. Then I tried to check some of his data online.

The download of so many documents crashed my computer. Let's just go straight to the talk at The Fresno Bee editorial board meeting, which did not break any news.

From: Stan Grant, Modesto Bee

If the peripheral canal was a bad idea, then the Bay Delta Conservation Plan tunnels are a horrible idea. The construction and operation of the tunnels will, in effect, gut one of the most beautiful and agriculturally productive environments in the state, while at the same time diminishing the functions of the ecosystems and wildlife habitats it claims it will improve.


From: Tim Quinn, Sacramento Bee

Re "California needs more water storage to end conflicts, bolster its economy" (Viewpoints, June 14): Sen. Dianne Feinstein's view of California's water situation is right on.

Feinstein offers a multi-faceted prescription for California's critical water needs. Increase storage to capture flows during wet years. Develop sensible management of the Endangered Species Act. Craft a downsized state water bond that funds storage and other priority water management actions.


From: Alex Breitler, Blogs

The question came up at yesterday's local Advisory Water Commission meeting: Why did water exporters sue over the Delta Plan?

Delta-area folks think they're clearly getting the short shrift; what can the folks down south have to complain about?


From: Heather Hacking, Chico Enterprise-Record

A transfer of 5,000 acre-feet of water was approved Thursday by the Board of Directors of Glenn-Colusa Irrigation district.

The vote came after environmentalists, the Butte County Board of Supervisors and the city of Chico asked the district to reconsider.


From: David Perlman, San Francisco Chronicle

Satellites peering down on California's great Central Valley have discovered evidence that the nation's prime food source is fast losing precious reserves of water from the valley's underground aquifers.

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