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News articles and links from June 3, 2013

Bay Delta Conservation Plan

From: LA Times

Coalition response...The editorial writers do a good job in recognizing that everyone will lose if something is not done to fix the Delta and achieve a reliable water supply and restore the Delta ecosystem. Scientists and researchers have worked for seven years to develop the Bay Delta Conservation Plan as the best opportunity to achieve these goals. Now is the time for all interests in California to come together to resolve the problems that have plagued our state's water for 150 years by moving forward with the Bay Delta Conservation Plan.  

From: John Wildermuth, Fox and Hounds
From: John Wildermuth, Redding Record Searchlight

Coalition response...California's water picture has changed since voters went to the polling booth in 1982. Many changes have occurred over the past 30 years, including regulatory restrictions based on evolving environmental policies.  These changes take water away from people and from the farms that grow our food. Years of scientific study and research have resulted in the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) - an opportunity to improve water supply reliability, while improving the Delta ecosystem. 

It is important to understand that BDCP is not the 1982 plan to build the Peripheral Canal. The canal was an isolated facility while BDCP's tunnels provide operational flexibility to maintain in-Delta water quality. The canal had a capacity to divert 21,800 cubic feet per second of water and the tunnels' capacity is only 9,000 cfs. Learn more at

From: Ross Farrow, Lodi News-Sentinel

Coalition response...Seven years of scientific research has gone into the development of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP), which is the best opportunity to provide a reliable water supply and to restore the Delta ecosystem, both mandates from the California Legislature. Recent proposals to fix the Delta have surfaced from individuals and organizations but do not fulfill this legislative directive. Changes have been made to BDCP from its earlier drafts, including a change in the tunnel capacity to transport water, from 21,000 cubic feet per second to only 9,000 cfs. Also changed as been the number of tunnels from three to two.

BDCP is the best opportunity California has to reliably deliver water to 25 million Californians and thousands of farmers and to restore the Delta ecosystem in a way that protects fish.

From: Andy Ball, San Jose Mercury News

Coalition response...Andy Ball does a good job describing the danger to California if action is not taken now to fix the Delta. We must look to a solution that is based on science and will benefit all of California. The Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) is that answer.

Those who benefit from the improved conveyance will pay for the construction, operation and maintenance costs. State and federal funding sources are being identified to pay for ecosystem restoration and enhancement. Improvements to the Delta include the creation of more than a 100,000 acres of habitat that will protect fish and support other ecosystem restoration efforts.

The tunnels will provide an improved, reliable conveyance of water through the Delta that has been absent in recent years. Farmland has gone unplanted and water costs to many urban residents have risen as a result of the precarious water supply.

Andy Ball understands why the Bay Delta Conservation Plan is an important part of California's water future.


From: Herb Jacobson, Chico Enterprise-Record

Coalition response...The proposed water transfer from Glenn-Colusa Irrigation District (GCID) required the district to conduct extensive research to guarantee the absence of negative impacts to the local community, including groundwater levels. This research is required by Reclamation before approval is granted. GCID used the best available science to model any effects from the transfer and committed to a monitoring program that assures a protection for the environment.

Bay Delta Conservation Plan

From: Stuart Leavenworth, Sacramento Bee

Water Supply

From: Antoine Abou-Diwan and Richard Montenegro Brown, Imperial Valley Press

From: Joe Little, ABC 10 TV


From: John Cox, Bakersfield Californian

From: Lisa M. Krieger, Contra Costa Times


From: Heather Hacking, Chico Enterprise-Record

San Joaquin River

From: Carol Campodonica, Merced Sun-Star


From: Edward Ortiz, Sacramento Bee

From: Associated Press, KTVU TV

From: Associated Press, Stockton Record
From: Associated Press, Contra Costa Times
From: Associated Press, Fresno Bee
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From: Associated Press, Sacramento Bee
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From: Desert Sun

From: Ben McCall, Desert Sun

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