Tuesday, June 4, 2013

News articles and links from June 4, 2013

Bay Delta Conservation Plan

From: Max Young, Sacramento Bee

Coalition response...California's system of water rights allocates water supply to users throughout the state even though the majority of the supply is in Northern California. Water is a public resource intended to benefit the population as a whole. This protects both area-of-origin water users in Northern California and water rights holders elsewhere.

Water rights were issued long ago to public water agencies in central and southern California for the purpose of serving farms, homes and businesses. The Delta tunnels are simply a more efficient way to move that water while minimizing negative impacts on fish species and the Delta ecosystem. And to protect in-Delta water users export pumping will vary depending on the volume of available in the system. When the water level in the Sacramento River is high more water will be available to move through the tunnels. Lower flows means less water will be exported. Learn more at www.farmwater.org/exportthrottle.pdf


From: Don Knutson, Sacramento Bee

Coalition response...California's dairy industry leads the nation because of one thing: efficiency. It is simply more efficient to raise cows in a mild climate than it is in a state where freezing temperatures dominate a significant part of the year. As a result, California's dairy cattle out-produce Wisconsin by an average of 2,021 pounds per cow per year, nearly 10% more efficient yield. Dairy products are an important staple in the American diet. The fact that more water is required to produce a serving of cheese as opposed to a serving of tomatoes is irrelevant. Californians are rightly proud of our ability to efficiently produce a diverse food supply here in California.

Bay Delta Conservation Plan

From: Maven, Maven's Notebook

Water Supply

From: Jeff Barnard, Orange County Register


From: Catherine Green, LA Times


From: Peter Moyle, California WaterBlog

Salton Sea

From: Ian James, Desert Sun


From: Janet Zimmerman, Riverside Press-Enterprise

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